Digital Marketing Basics: SEO and a Facebook Presence

Digital marketing continues to be the most important part of any business for attaining growth in today’s world. There’s so much to learn about online marketing. The key is to know what works, how to advertise your business, and the best way to get your brand out there. Discover the two most important forms of digital advertising that are going to shoot sales through the roof and help you achieve massive success online.

There are two specific ways to get your brand on the web: SEO and Social Media. Let’s take a look at how you can get started on both.

SEO – Search Engine Optimization

It is via SEO where you gain consistent results, reservations, and more clientele without the need for additional marketing. Search engine optimization is simply optimizing your website to rank higher on Google.

When a potential customer wants pizza is located right in San Francisco, their innate thought is to head down to Google and type in, “Pizza parlors in San Francisco.” Usually whoever is within the first 3-5 sites up there are the ones that people will go to.

You’re probably wondering, “How did they get their website up there?” In all honesty, the only thing they did was properly “optimize” their site so that Google would notice their webpage. It’s all about doing SEO to your website so that the people who could potentially want to buy your products or services will find you via Google. People use this search engine every single day to find restaurants, contractors, products, and all kinds of services. This is the way people find new businesses and discover new brands.

How To Do SEO

Your best bet is hiring a professional SEO company who can help optimize your site efficiently. There is a wide range of things you must do to do SEO efficiently. You’ll need to write articles pointing to your site, have backlinks, blog comments leading to your site, along with dozens of other things to complete your site. In the end, your best bet is to invest your time and money into hiring an SEO expert who can handle all the tedious tasks involved with marketing online.

So what is a backlink. Well when you see text on a site that is clickable that is a backlinks. For example if you has an SEO company who specializes in Chicagoland SEO services and they wanted to link to their Facebook page they would make the backlink with so text as was just done above and the link would be to their Facebook page as was also done above. It’s this simple. But it’s still best to hire a professional SEO firm to to this work so you can focus on your business and what you do best.

Social Media

Technology is constantly changing. In the digital world, social media is taking over the world. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Vine are all just a few different social networking sites and apps that can allow you as a business to connect with your potential clientele. Local businesses should discount the use of sites such as Yelp and Merchant circle. You could call these the ‘social media sites of small businesses’. For example this Chicagoland SEO Yelp page is a perfect example of a Yelp page that is setup right.

Social media is how new businesses are taking their brands to the next level. Simply put, your customers, future consumers, and all of your future business partners can be connected easily with the help of social networking sites.

Getting Started On Social Media

First, you need to know which part of the social world of the Internet will best benefit you the most. You do, however, really need to be on specific sites no matter what. YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter are the three most important to look out for. Again, hiring a professional to do your social media daily plays a huge role on the success rate possible. For example, doing YouTube video marketing can help you gain more visitors and potential consumers. It gets so much easier, in the long run, to pay others to do the job for you because there’s so much to do. With YouTube, budgeting marketing costs, crafting video sales pages for the ads, and also creating efficient content can be time-consuming.

Why Are These Two So Important?

The reason SEO and social media are so important is the fact that you need to reach out and build a fan base. You won’t be able to build your brand unless you utilize the Internet. It’s hard to gain more business, earn more money, and get more clientele unless you try to get your name out there as much as possible.

Do you want to gain more customers? Do you want to achieve more growth? Your business can achieve so much success if you decide to market your brand utilizing social media and SEO. It is not an overnight process to build these Online empires. Your voice, your business, and your vision can be easily attainable with the right help from professional marketers. Your business can flourish with the help of online digital marketing. The Internet is changing practically every single day. There are plenty of changes that can happen, so being up to date with how it all takes place can go a long way.